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St. Andrews Ultrasound Services

At St. Andrews Clinics we have expanded our services to include Ultrasounds to thus offer a more comprehensive service under one roof. Medical sonography, or ultrasonography, uses harmless waves not known to pose any risks to the patients and uses power of such a low intensity as not to cause any heating or pressure effect. This technology allows visualisation of internal organs and any pathological lesions or tissue damage.

Our Ultrasound team consists of Dr Andrè Gatt, a Consultant Radiologist specialising in paediatric imaging, but also offering abdominal, thyroid, breast, musculoskeletal, prostate and genitourinary as well as doppler studies. Dr Gatt is complemented by Mrs Lara Sammut and Ms Gianella Bonnici, two qualified ultrasonographers who carry out antenatal and gynaecological ultrasounds. Dr Elton Pllaha, Cardiologist, carries out the cardiac echos.

Though self-referrals are accepted it is always recommended to seek advice from a doctor before you book an ultrasound. The applications of ultrasound are various and your doctor can guide you to the correct investigation.

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