Services at St. Andrews Clinics

GP Services


St Andrews Clinics offers a daily GP service, each morning Monday to Friday at 10:00 onwards, each afternoon Monday to Friday from 16:00 onwards, and Saturday mornings at 11:00 onwards.

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St Andrews Dispensary

Dispensary small logo

St Andrews Dispensary is conveniently located next door to the clinics. With a pharmacist in attendance in all opening hours, this helps us give you a better all-round service, including the timely procurement of prescribed medication, but not only.

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Blood Tests

9642407 s

Blood tests complement a good history-taking and physical examination when trying to diagnose a new condition. Blood tests are also essential to monitor existing or chronic conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol. There are in fact many reasons why one may ask for a blood test.

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12545340 s

At St Andrews we cater for a range of vaccination services, including paediatric vaccinations, adult vaccinations, seasonal vaccinations, cervical cancer vaccines as well as travel vaccinations.

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Cardiac Services


Worried about your heart, or due for a check up?

At St Andrews we’re getting more and more geared up to take care of your heart.

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Women’s Health

12251692 s

General checks are important for all but here, emphasis is placed on regular screening such as smear tests, cervical cancer vaccine, breast examination and advice on contraception.

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Men’s Health

12903104 s

Often neglected but none the less important. Issues range from cardiac health, sports medicine, smoking cessation, cancer screening, and sexual health.

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Nutrition Services

9095409 s

Nutrition is about adopting healthy eating patterns for minimising disease and problems of over- or underweight. It includes meal planning, learning how to eat a healthy balanced diet whilst at the

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Asthma Monitoring

11802986 s

Asthma is a common and potentially life threatening illness if left unchecked. With the correct diagnosis and treatment, however, symptoms could be very adequately, if not completely controlled.

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Smoking Cessation

8063588 s

That smoking constitutes a major health threat is an undisputed fact. So is the knowledge of the potential benefits to be gained from stopping smoking. Wanting to stop smoking is

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