Specialised Clinics at St. Andrews Clinics

Infectious Diseases Clinic


At St Andrews Clinic you can speak to one of our GPs and our Attending Infectious Diseases Specialist. We can offer testing and treatment for a range of infections from fevers to STDs and offer travel advice and prevention.

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Physiotherapy Clinic

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Physiotherapy is defined as identifying and maximising a patient’s ability to move and function. Functional movement is a key part of what it means to be healthy. Physiotherapy

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Allergy Clinic

skin prick tests

Allergy Clinic available at St Andrews.

Services include consultation with an Allergy Specialist, Skin Prick Tests, and in many cases Immunotherapy.

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PRP Therapy


Injection of platelet rich plasma, with its rejuventaing, repair and antiinflammatory properties, as a treatment for musculoskelatal and tendon injuries. NEW, and now available at St Andrews.

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