Doctors in Attendance

Dr. Mandy Abela Gatt - General Practitioner
Dr. Predrag Andrejevic - General Surgeon
Dr. Lucienne Attard - Specialist Sports & Exercise Medicine
Dr. Roberta Attard - Clinical Psychologist
Prof. Simon Attard Montalto - Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Neville Azzopardi - Consultant Gastroenterologist
Dr. David Bilocca - Specialist in Respiratory Medicine
Prof. Andrew Borg - Professor of Medicine and Consultant Rheumatologist
Mr. Charles Borg - Consultant ENT surgeon
Ms. Christine Busuttil - Clinical Nutritionist
Mr. John Cauchi - Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
Dr. Edward Darmanin - General Practitioner
Mrs. Jeanette Dimech - Auricular Acupuncturist
Mr. Jeremy Ellul - Physiotherapist
Dr. Andrew Farrugia Wismayer - General Practitioner
Mr. Pierre Galea - Community Psychiatric Nurse
Dr. Andre Gatt - Consultant Radiologist
Mr. Disma Gauci - Podiatrist
Mr. Alex Manche - Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon
Dr. Liam Mercieca - Dermatologist
Dr. Lisa Micallef Grimaud - Specialist in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases
Dr. Beppe Micallef Trigona - Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr. Edwin Mifsud - Dermatologist
Mr. Alistair Pace - Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon
Dr. Elton Pllaha - Cardiologist
Ms Lara Sammut - Ultrasonographer
Mr. John Sciberras - Consultant Urologist
Mrs. Roslyn Spiteri - Gestalt Psychotherapist
Mr. John Thake - Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Ms. Francesca Urry - Domiciliary Physiotherapist